Nepali Business Association in Poland (NBA-P)

Nepali Business Association in Poland (NBA-P)

17 members of founder teams:

  1. Dr Udaya Dev ACHARYA
  2. Rita NEUPANE
  3. Naresh SAPKOTA
  4. Anand GHIMIRE
  5. Tanka Bahadur KATUWAL
  6. Anupa REGMI
  7. Jiwan KC
  8. Prem Lal GAIRE
  9. Rajesh KARKI
  10. Ishwor DEVKOTA
  11. Sher Bahadur PARIYAR
  12. Akshay RIJAL
  13. Mitra Lal PARDAY
  14. Ganesh Bahadur THAPA
  15. Amit Kumar YADAV
  16. Ramchandra NEUPANE
  17. Prakash TIWARI
    7 Board-members
  18. Dr Udaya Dev ACHARYA -president
  19. Rita NEUPANE – vicepresident
  20. Anand GHIMIRE – secretary
  21. Anupa REGMI – member
  22. Naresh SAPKOTA – member
  23. Rajesh KARKI – member
  24. Amit Kumar YADAV – member
    3-member of Auditing committee
  25. Mitra Lal PARDAY
  26. Tanka Bahadur KATUWAL
  27. Akshay RIJAL

Nepali Business Association in Poland (NBA-P)

An intiative of 17 Nepalis leaded by Dr Udaya Dev Acharya to unite businesses, entrepreneurs, professionals and self employment of nepalese origin in one association to achieve following goals:

  1. to make well-organized and grouped representative of nepali companies and polish companies related with Nepal.
  2. to actively promote & support:
    a) Nepali business in Poland and Polish investments in Nepal;
    b) bi-lateral trade and joint-ventures;
    c) co-operation between members
  3. to make Nepal a touristic destination for Polish people
  4. ultimately to establish a Polish Nepali Chamber of Commerce
  5. seminars, work-shops and events on business and trade
  6. co-operation with local governments and Consular Heads and Trade attache from Poland
  7. meet polish companies
  8. join official delegations
  9. establish the network of overseas contacts
  10. establish the network of useful information for business opportunities and development
  11. effective representatation of the Nepalese Government to promote import-export activities and tourism.

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