Happy Mothers Day!!

 We haven’t  seen god and we have got it more than that. Yeah,MOTHER!
The purest thing on the universe,sweet and  caring.
She cries but she won’t  let you know,smiles  when we’re  happy,lift us up when we’re low.
Pace us up when we get slow.
How  beautiful  she is!  Look at her eyes and the solemn love she gives us.
To every  mother in this universe  i bow my respect and deep love.
You have  created this universe and you’re  more than the nature.
You’re  our god and religion,strength  and  courage.
Your lap is a celestial  peace,heaven it is. To all the mothers,i salute.
Miss you mother! happy mothers day🙏
          (Stay safe MOTHER EARTH) – COVID can never penetrate you!!!

Sudarshan kumar panta

Warsaw poland

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