Now isn’t the time for NRNA to work in policy level ?

By Sapila Raj Bhandari
Dear President, Founding President, Chief Patron, Patrons, Advisors, Honorary council members, IES, ICC and NCC Executives,

Hope this mail find you all in good health.

NRNA’s effort to send the anti-epidemic goods to Nepal is really appreciable.

Helping Nepal in such emergency situations have been always priority to NRNA. Last 15 years we have been helping Nepal in any possible way. Not only sending fund but distributing relief directly to needy- be it earthquake, flood, land sliding, fire, tornado etc.

The contribution of NCC Korea, NCC China, NCC Hongkong and other NCCs are without doubt the best solution toward helping Nepal now.

Now the COVID-19 pandemic is going on. The whole world is suffering. We are bombarded with negative news. People are getting depressed. The economic recession is inevitable.

Amid the situation ongoing on COVID -19 pandemic what should NRNA do? Which policy should it take up? Is fund raising only what NRNA can do? What is the vision of NRNA after post Pandemic crisis?

These are the questions coming up in my mind. I am sure that the present leadership of NRNA has a plan for that too.

Nevertheless, I would like to point out some of the problems coming up.

1) Migrant workers – We can see that thousands of migrant workers are going to lose their jobs all over the world.

2) Students – They would not be able to continue their studies. Most of Nepali student work and pay their fees and survive.

3) Job holders – Many people do not have permanent jobs. People are expected to lose jobs.

4) Business holders- Mostly Nepalese are engaged in Hospitality business. If the business slow down till end of this year, how many can survive the loss?


Now isn’t the time for NRNA to work in policy level?

With a right approach to the Government of countries they are living in, at least a little change can be done.

1) The fees for students can deferred for few months.

2) The GoN should increase the amount of foreign currency to be send to students ( also to the Students without NOC) .

3) The migrant employees may not be fired but get unpaid leave for 2-3 months

4) Legal committees should be formed in order to support the business and job holders.

Once again , I would like to emphasize NCCs must be active now. They need to work with NRNA members and Nepalese residing in the respective countries- collect data, define situation, contact Embassies. They should provide both health and legal awareness programs. Many NCCs have started doing that too and it is really appreciable.

I would like to conclude with the following – “ Let NRNA work for the future of Non -resident Nepalis”.

Stay safe.

Thank you and best regards,

Sapila Rajbhandari

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