Life is far more beyond drugs!


By Sudarsan Kumar Panta 

We were fucked up with drugs, full swing and high. We didn’t know what we were eating and how did we look like,probably like a scavenger we did. We sold even our reputed family’s names.

There were no helping hands that time, despite of our inner willing to do something changeable and soberness,still we were doomed. Many friends became strangers, even loved ones.  Many friend’s family prevented them to be with us and that locked up our esteem too. We were never motivated to be right instead encouraged to get going wrong from behaviours.  A drop of love was all we needed, all we do, a hug and a smile or at least a glance of humanity. Never ever treat any mankind who’s been grounded to darkness. Never avoid them when they’re in drugs,  love them so much that it will make them feel that they’re special. Stay clean, stay sober. Life is far more beyond drugs!!!


Sudarshan kumar panta

Warsaw poland

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