Talk to me ,tell me why haven’t you been out of your room ? Carol asked me one more time . How could I tell her truth ? How could I tell her what I feel inside . Sadistic smile and fears dancing in the head, or waiting desperately for someone who never caresses me . “Nature is beautiful isn’t it? ” – asked Carol trying to draw my attention . I kept calm . Then she hugged me and asked who was influencing over me so much? Lover Hater Enemy or Psychos ?? I cried loud and reported a blurry vision then fainted. “Does anything hurt you , Is it painful? – the doctor asked pointing on my head. My brain is – I replied . Doctor told that I am absolutely fine and can let let me go home however he whispered to Carol , shhhhh she has psychiatric symptoms we will investigate more , and went by . Stop it what hurts you ,tell me at least ,Carol insisted. Friend , I hug my knees every night ,I feel alone, I smile, perhaps I’m deeply sad . Earlier my heart would wait now my brain is waiting and making me crazy replied Pratima . Whom are you desperately waiting for ? I will speak to him? Angry Carol screamed. ” Hope ” I’m waiting for hope to have a better tomorrow , it cheats on me each day ..

Writer : PRATIMA THAPA प्रतिमा थापा “झरी”
Warsaw,Poland वारसवा ,पोल्यान्ड
Issued 24 March 2020

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