Appeal to provide financial support to the social worker Sangita Lama.

Sangeeta Lama, who has been involved in continuous social work, has been helping every Nepalese in times of distress and has been working since then. Now his own father os in big trouble, He is being treated at Star Hospital Kathmandu for the brain and heart operation. They invest lost of money for that treatment now they need support from others so we would like to request all the people for further treatment.

It is humbly requested that all the Nepali minded Mahanubhavs and all the people from univesrse who have humanity be able to give their best financial support as their financial condition is weakening and so far millions of money have been spent due to financial problems.

If you spend your one-week meal to save someone’s life and help him to make his heart bigger, then all the pleasures are warmly appealed to the Nepalese dignitaries.

For Contact: – Poland: Sangita Lama Ghulan 579196065 millennium Bank Bank account number: 28 1160 2202 0000 0002 7239 4245

Nepal: Anita Thing 9803058212 Nepal Investment Bank Account Number 01905080005044

Susan Pariyar

Poland Nepal

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