NRN-PL’s School Project and my Dolakha Visit







NRN-PL’s School Project and my Dolakha Visit

It was second day of my trip to Nepal after 5 years on 3rd of February, 2019. When I along with my son Nishchal landed at Trivubhan International Airport in Kathmandu on 2nd Feb. 2019, we were came to know that my elder brother Proff. Pushpa Kamal Subedi was hospitalized due to pulmunary deseaes. We directly headed to hospital ( Bayodhya) to visit him and to querry about his health.I found that the private hospital was very clean, neat and well equiped.Though the situation I found was not suitable for traveling to Dolakha, but I decided to held my preplanned trip to Dolakha.The very next day early in the morning I along with my brother in law( Mr Rajendra Adhikari, the associate proffsor of Kathmandu University and his Vinaju, who ran a private college in Chitawan in the past and now living in USA) and Shyam Dai( the driver) moved through Arnika Rajmarga( like the rough road in Poland).
I was informed before that the road to Dolakha is O.K., there will not be any problems.So that we took a car ( Ford Escort of my brother in-law). When we left Arniko Rajmarga our car was climbing the hilly regions and we were enjoing the views of pahads. After few hours we met first difficulties, the road was completely unsuitable for cars like Ford Escort.But Shyam Dai tried and tried( some times we were to get down from the car and walk by foot).It took almost 8 hours to reach Dolakha.That was sunny day and we took some pictures on the way.Really weather was on our favour.On the way we saw a nepalese paper production, that was very much interesting for me.

First we were wellcomed by the Woda Adhakhya Mr Ram Prasad Mainali at Woda Office. Next we were offered the lokal khanas( like dal, bhat, masu, tarkali, dahi etc.).Due to tiredness and long journey, that meal was for us far better than foods of 5 stars hotel.Then we went by jeep to the devasteted school .The place we choosed is very far remote and right place.The school was totallly devasteted by earthquake. The land for school was provided by Shree Shiva Lal Regmi. We saw some kids were having lessions in private house of former headmaster, Mr Devi Prasad Dhahal. More we met there another ex headmaster , Mr Madhav Raj Adhikari, sitting headmaster Mrs Sita Thami, the head of School Running Committee, Mrs Gauri Thami , Mr Narayan Regmi and many villagers.


Then I talked with them about our project. I was invited to put the Silanyas Stone as a symbole of the beggining of reconstrution work.I gave them to put some polish coins for memories.They were so excited that I went there and triggered the implementation of the school rebuilding project.The most heart touchable situation was the view of kids having classes in private hous. The Woda Adhakhya along with other villagers assured that they will do everything to complete the project within short period.After that we put our signature in a Samjhauta Patra including:

1. The building work shall be completed within 30.01.2076,
2. The school officials has to collect the half of amout of I instalment from NRNA, Charity account as soon as possible,
3. The full amount of 2nd instalment will be sent after getting the progress report of building,
4. The last instalment will be sent after finishing of building ,
5. The villagers will be mobilized for human resoures and for fullfilling lack of money.


This Samjhauta Patra was siged by Sitting head master Mrs Sita Thami from School side, by myself as a patron and NRNA ICC member of NRN-PL and by Mr Ram Praasd Mainali as Woda Adhakya from local administration. The time was running fast and fast.It was more difficult to get back to Dhulikhel than to go to Dolakha because it was night. At around 1:30 am we managed to reach Dhulikhel for sweet sleep.
At last I have to mention some importatnts points about the project:
Its now nearly 4 years since the big earthquake struck Nepal. I was given the leadership with the help of Nepalese living in Poland to raise fund. ( the greastest humaterian Aid in the history of NRN-PL).The NRN-PL collected some funds ( 131714, 46 PLN) for relief of disaster affected area( it should be mentioned that the half of fund was from doctors, nurses and medical coumcils).NRN-PL decided to provide some assistance in three phases:
1. The first phase was divided in two kategories:
A. Immediate financial aid of 2000 PLN per person for two Nepalese who lost their family members in the disaster.

B. Deposited 10167,49 PLN directly to NRNA center account for immediate assistance
2. The second phase: Secretary of then auditing committee of NRN-PL, Mr Naresh Sapkota handed over basic essential goods such as water/ medicines. clothes/ etc worth 7374,00 PLN in Sindhupalchok( most effected area).
3. The third phase was to re-build a small school totally devastated by eaithquake, Shreegeshwor Primary School in far remote area in Sundrawati ( Woda no. 9 of Kalinchok Gaun Palika), Dolakha. 21 lakhs ( in 3 instalments- 7 lakhs each) out of 25 lakhs NPR was pledged for this project.Out of first instalment of 7 lakhs , 3,5 lakhs has already been transffered to school’s account via NRNA Charity Account before my visit to Dolakha. Remaining 3,5 lakhs of the first instalment is already transferred to school’s account after signing the Samjhautapatra from NRNA Charity Account. The second and third instalment of 14 lakhs is already in NRNA Charity Account. The amount of second instalment will be transffered to school’s account soon because we got the report of re-biulding work progress. And the last instalment of 7 lakhs will be transferred to the school’s account via NRNA Charity Account after the completion of the rebuilding work.

We should have managed this project much quicker and more effectively as donors are disappointed that even after 4 years of money being collected is still not reached to the victims.
Here are some pictures relating this project.

Here is Vedio about that school

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