In a recent time Polish company is having lot of difficulties to get workers. The central European countries are by and large all facing this problem [of labour shortages]. The unemployment rate in Poland, which has one of the fastest aging societies in the European Union, fell to 5.9 percent in June and was the lowest since October 1990. Falling unemployment and rising wages in the fast growing economy was noted as a risk by the central bank. ‘This situation is being slightly eased by the inflow of workers from Ukraine and Belarus, but as we can see, the demand pressure on the labor market is significant.’ Monetary Policy Council member Jerzy Kropiwnicki told Reuters in July.
Labor marker were opened for Asian like Nepal, India, China, Bangladesh etc . Workers from Ukraine are getting more opportunity from different Eu countries specially like German .Companies are increasing each and everyday in Poland but other side those companies are facing lack of labor. Economists warn that the shortage of working hands could lead to a reduction in economic growth rates in the future. According to predictions, while the Polish economy will need 20 million workers in order to maintain the current growth figures, the working age population in Poland will only be 16 million in 2030.
In Poland every year there are huge amount of work permit issued In the Masovian district, the majority of work permits (nearly 60 per cent) in 2018 were granted to citizens of Ukraine, Nepal (8.2 per cent), Belarus (7.4 per cent) and India (4.8 per cent). As can be observed, the has been a considerable increase in workers from Asian countries in the Polish labor market over the last couple of years.
Difficulties and challenges for south Asian
Lot of south Asian have dream to work, study and visit in Poland. To do so the best way is work permit. Work permit takes from 3 weeks up to 12 months in the most difficult cases. There are lot of agencies company who will help to get those permit by taking huge amount from 300 euro to 1000 euro and the first scenario is those amount has to be paid in advance. After they get all those required documents in embassy from their employer, next challenge is getting appointment in embassy. Those sites in website will always shows lack of date.
Basically, they will get work permit with huge amount and 2nd step is they have to pay about 500 to 800 euro to get appointment from agencies. And after they get appointment there are very low chances to get visa . In a recent time Polish Embassy in Delhi providing just about 5 to 10% of visa. That means they make lot of money from Voivodship Offices Poland by issuing lot of work permit and same way they are making lot of money from embassy by charging visa fee.
That mean is Poland selling work permit?
-Udaya Raj Giri

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