Points to know Before coming Poland


Information collection by Vibek poudyal 


In between the last two years 2017/18, so many foreigners migrated to Poland for different purposes. Most of them for work and stay purpose and remaining for study and business. As I observed that so many foreigner people, especially from Asian countries, are very unknown about the legal processes to get a visa to work and stay in Poland. So I tried to find out facts about the process and requirement to get a visa. Also, I want to mention some points to make clear about the opportunity and the challenges in Poland for the immigrants.

The requirement for work and stay in Poland. The documents needed to apply for a visa in the consular section of Poland

1. The vacancy announcement letter by the company.
2. Work Permit from the registered company of Poland. ( based on point no.1)
3. Accommodation clarification (House contract ) either be provided by the company or an apartment near the working place.
4. Contract paper by the company after getting the work permit for the applicant through the immigration department.
5. Guarantee letter by the company regarding salary, accommodation and other services according to the labor rule and act law of Poland.
6. The copy of passport, police report, qualification documents from the employee’s side
but these documents maybe vary depending on the counselor section where you will submit the documents. (For this section check out the official website of the nearby consular office of the Embassy of Poland.)

After all these you have to take an appointment date in the nearby consular office of the Embassy of Poland.
Here are the statistics of immigrants in Poland in the last two years,

2017- The total number of applications accepted for stay- 169971
2018- The total number of applications accepted for stay- 204632
2019- The total number of applications accepted for stay till today- 26478
While comparing the data of 2017, the applications are increased by 20% in 2018. It shows that immigrants are increasing. Source:

official statistic website about immigrants

As I mentioned above there are no more difficulties to get a visa for work and stay purpose. As well as the labor demand in Poland is increasing day by day. Before this report, I prepared a blog on the title ‘Being Warsaw a business hub’. Different business projects are in the construction phase and various companies, as well as international companies are also investing in Poland’s market. Therefore there is a high demand for working people and skilled people. Recently according to the news portal sites, Poland’s labor market and manpower are running by the immigrants of its neighboring non-EU countries like Ukraine, Belarus etc.

The opportunities are expanding, the companies are hiring highly qualified as well as semi-qualified people from different part of the world mostly EU citizen and also non-EU citizens.

For me, the challenges are less as compared than opportunities. For sure there are some challenges if you looking for highly paid jobs and own business but according to the normal average wages of Poland, you can find the job easily. According to the new act law of 2019, the minimum monthly income fixed by the government is 2250pln (around 600 $).
The problem is seen in term of temporary residence permit. According to the act law of foreigner affairs, after submitting all the required documents, the prospect will receive the temporary residence permit within 4 months. That is just being a story now days. Most of immigrants are waiting for more than a year even submitting all the required documents. It is making difficulties to get job and to change the jobs. It is compulsory to have either visa or TRC to work legally. That’s why so many immigrants are facing this problem of TRC and work. They are just spending the time by waiting the Temporary Residence Permit. The foreign affairs should be aware of this problem and should be solved this problem as soon as possible.

If you have some questions about the foreign policies of Poland, just click the link below.

referral source: https://mazowieckie.pl

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