Dear Poland government, Is this human right?

Dipak Acharya



    Dear Sir or Madam, I am Deepak Acharya from Warsaw, Poland. Originally from Nepal. Today I want to express my pain to you. All most two and half year ago on 23rd February, 2016 I came to Poland in student visa. After studying 1 year I decided to change my status and applied for work and Karta Pobytu on 26th January, 2017 with the help of one company and Lawyer. Warsaw Immigration office took my finger print on 14th March 2017. After 5-6 month Warsaw Immigration informed  me that, they transfered  my case to Gdansk. After sometimes  Gdansk Immigration sent  me letter and informed  me that my decision date for Karta Pobytu was on 09 December, 2017. But Gdansk Immigration office didn’t give any decision to me till 15th of March, 2018. I was so worried and went to Gdansk Immigration office for inquiry of my case. When I met with one officer from Gdansk Immigration office, he said me that it may take up to 7-8 more months for my decision. I was so scared after hearing this from the officer. I came back to Warsaw and consulted  about my case with the Lawyer. Lawyer suggested  me to transfer my case to Warsaw Immigration from Gdansk Immigration. He said he will help me for this work. And I agreed with him. He wrote letter to Gdansk Immigration to transfer my case to Warsaw Immigration. After 3-4 months lawyer informed me that my case now transferred to Warsaw Immigration. And he told me, I have to wait for letter from Warsaw Immigration for required document submitting from my side. Obviously my old contract was finished, because it was just 11 months contract. And it’s way back to 14th March, 2017, I signed my contract. Now, I didn’t get any letter from Warsaw Immigration so far. How long I need to wait? So far I haven’t got nor decision neither any letter. It’s almost 20 months passed and I didn’t get anything. My 20 months of waiting time was extremely painful. Still I don’t know how long I need to wait. I want to put some questions Poland government and Poland immigration office.

1) Dear Poland government, you waste my 20 months of time, who is responsible for this pain?

2) Dear Poland government, do you imagine how I survived in Europe without job? 3) Dear Poland government, you ruined my life. Who is responsible for this?

4) I am just one character, there are lot of people with same problem, who is responsible for this?

5) Dear Poland government, do you forget Humanity?

6) Dear Poland government, How long do I need to wait?

7) Dear Poland government, why are you so rude to foreigner?

8:Dear Poland government, Is this human rights? Finally, I want to request you to “don’t forget Humanity”. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely Yours, Deepak Acharya.


One thought on “Dear Poland government, Is this human right?

  1. dude, all your questions and concern are right and more real, but the case is same everywhere in europe; we suffer, we are in trouble but the arguement we do and want authorized agency to listen; but harsh reality is they don’t listen out of their criteria or they close their ears cuz we are not individual to complain we are huge mass of people; make them deaf; but my friend plz keep your voice up—- but don’t result your decision to land in Portugal!!


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