Open letter to Poland immigration office by an immigrant

Mitra Lal Parday 
        Dear Polish government Dear polish immigration office  First of all I would like to salute your progress within the 12 years . I really salute to Polish development  .I do not have any kind of words how  the nation is developing . I am seeing your developement since 2007 . I am feeling and experiencing …..
   Respected Polish Government I know that you need a lot of workers .I know that You are searching so many workers . Ofcourse people from poland went to get better life in another country . You also tried to get your workers from another country …. But few people returned …. ofcourse so many polish people are in Canada Amerika UK and othe Eastern part of Europe … Wealso came to Poland 12 years before for better life in your country .
Anyway It is happy to know that first growing country is becoming Poland in Europe … I am so much happy to see for your development .
     DEAR poland government I have seen that so many immigrants are deported from Your country ….
Ofcourse You have right to deport
But before giving deportation have you seen difficulties of painful life of immigrants ?
Dear respected authorized coordinator
Even God could execuse for 1 time but you do not execuse for immigrants even 1 time …
law is law that is the rule you can say ….
But while immigrants come to Poland they do not know all rule because of language they are in confusion what to do ? what not to do ?  …even I am also confusing so many rules since 2007 .
     Immigrants sign  so many papers believing third party voices …
Normally Who come for work Sometimes they may have wrong not everytime company is correct . If company complains why you deport them … why you do not give right them to find out new jobs …. you say freedom …. It is right of workers to search jobs according to their choice …. in the name of documents so many workers in Poland are getting problem …
Do You know that so many companies are selling paper . Why You do not try to search …. Do you know that in the name of documents a lot of people are not allowed to meet their family for someday . Why do not you think people of immigrants feeling . Why people from Poland going to other country Why you see only worker problem ? Why You do not see the problem of company  ? Why do not you see problem of third party ? Why do not you make easy way for getting information  . When I go to immigration office I saw so many people waiting for decision for 1 year even somebody waiting so long … what is the problem to give decision very fast . You may say lack of workers take double money hire other workers to do first but waiting time means you do not have to kill anybody they are killed by themselves  … Do you have feelings without work how difficult to live ?  Without getting documents How difficult to live … It does not matter your decision is negative or positive it matters just please Do not waste immigrants time in the name of documents …
    In your country people have verification from foreign office related country and even they go to veryfy the embassy . There also People have to a lot of time … Why so difficulties .even I said so many times to the relative department . Please Poland Government for immigrants How much they have to do expenses  just making one marriage certificate ?
Please Calculate and think
1 Own country around 500 zloty village to city
2 people goes to embassy
After confirmation foreign minister no hearing just saying wait wait wait
7 Days 14 days
So difficult to accept even genuine documents
There also
Expenses 1000 zloty for living journey and other for 7 days
that documents received in Poland again to the poland office
 verified from Poland  Embassy verified from related country government foreign department  again why making problem for immigrants  again again here is no embassy of related country even for Nepal . Again You say verification of Nepal embassy …
Dear Poland Government
That people do not have karta pobytu only he may have processing documents ? how he could go to Germany . sometimes because of processing your long way so many immigrants are also depressed …
What he /or she does Please  think  they write to embassy which is far ….
One person should have 3000 zloty to make marriage registration in the name of system …. We can not do anything just we can write we can say directly …
     Dear Poland Government we respect to you .Please respect to our time . DEAR Poland government please recruit more workers in embassy please recruit more workers in immigration office if You could not provide decision in time . In the name of online system immigrants are so much in tension . In the name of waiting visa or in the name of online appointment so many immigrants are in the frustration . If You can not provide appointment easily Please Just Think about people time . Please stop work permit if they can not take appointment by themselves easily or from other authorized persons . if problem in appointment if people get workpermit they have right to take appointment yes or no .If they have right why so much difficult if not why if you need workers a lot why making problem in the name of Processing why so much difficulties . Immigrants like us We respect Poland thats why we are here 13 years we love development so fast . Now immigrants are working everywhere some immigrants love so much poland so they are working in Poland Dear Poland We can not forget you whereever we are but please make easy appointment online system if You provide authority to work here . To improve poland immigration
Please 1 Do not allow brokers without licence in immigration offfice
2 if You have power of attorney please ask from them invoice or licence
3 please for getting information put 1 information room . Only make allow to receive information not more than 2 times for one case
4 without proper information so many innocent but good workers are in frustration
5. Sometimes online system also may not update all information
6 Dear Government please one information in Eglish language is necessary in immigration office .
We understand your national language is Polish but in so many country in immigration office there is English languages spoken because so many persons around the world can be met there so English is also important .
It is my personnel view it is your choice you accept or not It is Your choice dear government .Long Live poland .
Any way I salute to Poland development and whereever I will be I will give example about Poland very fast
only Please improve about immigrations policy Please make easy .
Long Live Poland
At last the dream of this immigrant is to complete the dream ” water tap in each house irrigation in each village around the world .

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