बिदेशी कामदारको लागि पोल्यान्डमा नयाँ निती २०१८मा लागु हुँदै

बिदेशी कामदारको लागि पोल्यान्डमा नयाँ निती २०१८ लागु हुँदै

पोल्यान्ड सरकारले बिदेशी कामदारहरुको लागि पोल्यान्डमा नयाँ निती लिन लागेको जान्कारी श्रम विभाग ग्रोएच जिल्ला डाइरेक्टर मार्जान्ना स्कोचेकले दिएकी छिन् । उनले बताएकी छिन् २०१८ बिदेशी कामदार सम्बन्धी नयाँ कानुन पनि आउने कुरा ठोकुवा गरेकी छिन् । साथै हाल विदेशी कामदार सम्बन्धीको नितीमा केहि परिवर्तन हुन लागेको जानकारी दिएकी छिन् । पोलस्की रेडियो अनुसार स्कोचेकले जानकारी दिएकी छिन् कि सिजनल कामको लागि दुई किसिमको अनुमती जारी गर्न जो पोल्यान्ड बाहिर छन् त्यस्ता विदेशी कामदारहरुको लागि र जो पोल्यान्डमा बसेर सिजनल कामको आधारमा वा वैधानिक रुपमा पोल्यान्ड बसेका छन् , त्यस्ता कामदारहरुको लागि अनुमति दिने जानकारी गराएकी छिन् ।

साथै कृषि र हस्पिटालिटिमा काम गर्नको लागि बढीमा ९ महिनाको अनुमति पत्र कामदारले पाउन सक्नेछन् । आहिलेको जस्तो एउटै पोजिसनमा काम गर्नु पर्ने अवस्थामा केहि परिवर्तन गर्दै Agriculture, forestry, hunting, and fishing; and
Hospitality and food services को कुनै पनि क्षेत्रमा काम गर्न सक्नेछन् ।

Work in Poland will be more regulated for foreigners. Marzanna Skoczek, the Director of District Department of Labor in Grojec, claimed that, starting from January 2018, new rules on the employment will come into force.

The declaration on the intention to hire a foreigner that is issued for the employer for free will be replaced with the paid permission for seasonaljobs, particularly the crop farming, gardening, tourist and gastronomic spheres.

The employer will have to apply for permission to hire foreigner who is not in Poland to perform seasonal jobs. The foreigner will be able to obtain visa to Poland on the basis of this permission. The foreigners with the biometric passports can enter Poland without a visa. The employer is obliged to register such worker at the Labor Department.

Effective January 2018, seasonal workers in certain agricultural and hospitality services will be eligible to work in Poland for up to nine months under a new work permit. The new work permit will offer a one-month processing time (not including the time it takes to perform a labor market test) and will be available for local hires in the following industries:

Agriculture, forestry, hunting, and fishing; and
Hospitality and food services
Seasonal workers under the new permit will not be restricted to a specific position, as the current seasonal permit requires, but will instead be able to work in any position in the above industries.

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