Before you apply for Poland You must know about Poland

Santosh Pokharel

After long messages and questions about how to get visa for poland, Today I am making this information which should answer all the questions. So, before you apply you must know about poland. This is a european country but its national currency is zloty or pln. Let me tell you, 1 pln = 28-30 nrs TODAY approximately RATE . Also, there is unemployment in poland itself so getting a job is very difficult. We nepalese can get job on kebab shops if you speak polish, nepali/indian restaurant which has very low salary or working in companies like chicken factory, pork factory, mushroom factory etc. In such factories, you must work for minimum 10 hours sometimes even more, work is difficult. you can earn like 2500 zl per month from companies. IT is my experience in poland .

Now talking about student life in poland, There are some top level universities in poland like warsaw university politechnika warsaw, politechnika poznan, PUEB etc which is recognised all over the world. You can learn in English in universities but outside even in grossery stores you wont find people talk English.

Visa process for students.
1. First you need to get offer letter from university.
2. collect bank statement of no less than 15 lakhs.
3. get travel insurance
4. get flight itenary
5. get all your documents verified
6. book a interview date on polish embassay in new delhi because there is no polish embassay in nepal
7. you will get a number, check your number on polish embassay website
8. once you have your number on website, go to embassay to collect your passport.
9. now grab your luggage and head to poland.

visa process for workers.
1. you must provide your passport scan copy to employer in poland.
2. employer will apply for your workpermit which takes 2-3 months nowadays to issue.
3. once done he will courrier original workpermt to you.
4. book a interview date
5. get all your required documents
6. give interview and same process as students wait for visa.

Once you are in poland you must apply for your Temporary Residency Card(TRC) before visa expiry.It will be easy if you apply 3,4 months before visa expiry . You will get a stamp on your passport once you apply successfully. Then even if your visa expires and your card is not ready, you have no problem to live in poland.

One important thing to tell.
Many people travel to schengen countries only with a polish visa. But new government rules say you cannot travel in other european countries with a visa only It means without schengen visa You can not . You might be sent back to Poland from where you had been. But once you have trc card or temporary resident card you are free to travel no problem.

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