Tax system in Poland for worker ?


By Uday Raj Giri

(Source ; Published  facebook Nepalese living in Poland group )


Like in other European Union member states, there are many different forms of taxes in Poland. VAT and the excise tax are a large part of the Polish budget’s income, however international students don’t have to be bothered by them, because they are included in the products and services they purchase.
Anyone working in the territory of Poland is legally obliged to pay income tax. In order to legally undertake work in Poland, you will sign one of three types of contracts: a standard employment contract (umowa o pracę), a task-related contract (umowa zlecenie) or a contract for specific work (umowa o dzieło).
Students are usually offered task-related agreements or contracts for specific work, especially for seasonal job offers. Being employed on such contracts, you pay less tax, which means a bigger part of your income stays in your pocket.
There are two tax brackets that employed people in Poland fall into, regardless of the type of work contract:
Below 3,090 PLN – 0% In other words, if you earn less than 3,090 PLN during a year you do not have to pay any taxes.
Between 3091 do 85 258 PLN you are subject to an 18% income tax.
more than 85,259 PLN you are subject to a 32% income tax
Depending on the type of contract, you can be entitled to social insurance benefits that your employer is obliged to pay for you. Likewise, it is important to remember that your employer pays your tax to the taxing authorities.
Your only duty is to submit your annual PIT- tax application to your local tax office. It needs to be submitted by April 30th of the following year, so, for example, if you had any income in 2016, you would need to submit your tax application to the relevant tax office by April 30th, 2017.
The PIT application form is filled out on the basis of the financial documents you receive from your employer at the end of the year in which you worked, or when you leave your job. The amounts of the total income earned and taxes paid in any given year must be transferred to your personal application form PIT.

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